Alaska Pollock

Scientific name: Theragra chalcogramma
Market name: Alaska Pollock, Pacific Pollock

Market-sized Pollock can grow up to almost a meter (91cm) and can weigh up to 4kg. The fish has a strongly defined silvery lateral line running down the sides. Above the lateral line, the colour is a greenish black and the belly is white.

Pollock can be found between 180m and 1,200m deep in the water column and is available year-round. The most important Pollock fishery is the Bering Sea fishery of Alaska. Alaska Pollock is the largest food fish resource in the world. Around 3 million tonnes of Alaska Pollock are caught each year in the North Pacific from Alaska to northern Japan.

Alaska Pollock fillets deliver a bone-free whitefish with a consistent snow-white colour. They are lean with a tender texture and excellent flaking qualities.

Alaska Pollock is a member of the cod family and is similar to cod in both texture and colour. It should never be confused with Atlantic Pollock, a different species, which is darker, oilier, and has a “fishier” flavour.

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