Our Story

Our Heritage

Young’s started as a whitebait business in 1805, when it was founded by Elizabeth Young and her family who were watermen and fishermen on the River Thames at Greenwich, London.

The business then later became famous for its potted shrimp, sold in distinctive blue pottery jars.

Young’s was responsible for a number of notable seafood firsts, including the invention of scampi in 1946 and the marketing of the very first frozen prawns.

The company has been in continuous growth since that time and has undergone a number of changes of ownership, although the Young family remained involved until the late 1980s.

No. 1 Seafood Expert

Today, Young’s continues to build on its heritage and experience of over 200 years. As the UK’s largest specialist seafood brand, they are a supplier to all UK major multiples and lead the market with exciting new ideas to help people enjoy fish twice a week.

In the UK, the fish and chips market is worth $1.4 billion – and Young’s is responsible for 17.3% of all seafood servings.

Our Home in Grimsby

Grimsby – one of Europe’s oldest fishing ports – has been home to Young’s for more than fifty years.

The times when Grimsby dock was busy with hundreds of trawlers have now gone, but the town has embraced change to become a vibrant center of the UK food industry and the center of British seafood production.

Young’s is led from Ross House, a landmark building on the banks of the Humber in Grimsby’s fish docks. Grimsby is our Manufacturing and New Product Development center of excellence. 1,700 members of our team are based in Grimsby, making us the town’s largest private employer.

We’re also very proud to have five specialist sites across Scotland employing nearly 2,000 people, developing and producing a wide range of products from Smoked Salmon to Scampi.

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